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Currently into IT advisory, comprising of seasoned professionals and having saved $100 million + dollars for a worldwide clientele. Our partners have an impressive clientele including: 


Our Plan for the Future

1. To advice businesses (any industry). How: 

a. Being humble here, our work ethic backs us to be strong willed and having a "anything is possible attitude". 

b. We have the ability to learn, empathise, interpret, analyse and implement. 

c. We have a strong networking strategy and can on-board veterans from any industry. 

d. Don't believe us? Do a background check on every one of us on linkedin. 

2. To grow content creators. Why:

The world is full of talented people, but they just await only that one opportunity. We will give that to them leveraging our strong network. 

3.  To help people get a job. Why: 

To solve two biggest problems: Unemployment and Poverty. 

Why do we need an investment: 

To hire the best talent on planet earth. 

Sounds like too good to be true/Ponzi scheme? Connect with us over zoom. Will hardly take 5 minutes to explain about us. 

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